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Xue Yuewu

Group Chairman, President

My dream is to be a mighty police, for justice, chubaoanliang, from the police for 10 years, and set up new life goals and dreams: giving up a secure job in business. From the Chinese martial arts master to the business elite, with only a few years time, the secret is hard work and innovation. "Work achievement dream" is his motto, and has become a group of spiritual beliefs. He is broad-minded and chivalrous, with a keen business vision look far ahead from a high plane, and dedication of the entrepreneurial spirit, unique management philosophy, to build the company into Chongqing, southwest and domestic well-known enterprises, build east of the brand has become a dream and goal the Dong people under his leadership. The former martial arts elite, and the odd entrepreneurial Jun, future business leaders, the "East" pilot

Lai Tingli


From a police marksman to east new bull, he completed again gorgeous turn. Depending on "burning passion life, faith lit dream" of the faith, he led the team fought in Guizhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Shenzhen, east group vertical contribution, the achievements of the prototype of a sub company Hedong group's: steel trading company, equipment leasing companies, agricultural companies have in the footsteps of his new bull. By virtue of their own and total once in force and deep battle friendship and trust, for finding common values and fight side by side. Hedong group new bull - Lai Tingli

Tan Wei

Assistant president

The coexistence of beauty and wisdom, and courage, style, sound. A good person than you as long as you can go to contact, because good people from the positive energy; a virtuous man, and he tried to become a team, because a person's wisdom, social commitment; and though he peers because, wisdom can illuminate the road ahead; she is in such a Huailai led the team and the work, strong dedication, honest style and keen decisive management accomplishment is characteristic of her. She is the chairman assistant, has many years of experience in group company, made her management elite is an integral part of the commercial real estate sector group leader and group executive management sector only head. "Wisdom, understanding, dream practical beauty executives, management excellence group, assistant president of Hedong Tan Wei.

Hu Xiaolin

CFO(Chief Financial Officer)

A high-profile work, low-key man is his ethics, education represents the past, learning ability to represent the future is his motto. From secondary education to Zikao college accounting, Bachelor of business administration, to obtain a certified public accountant and the tax division, registration of the certified asset appraisers and other qualifications, witnessed him to keep on learning and enterprising footprint, and in charge of a hundreds of millions of assets of the group a solid financial foundation of knowledge. And pragmatic style of work, not assertive personality, his good steward of the company winning personality. Good at group finance and tax management and control, internal control design and monitoring, investment management. Hedong group's butler, Xiao Lin Hu.

Xianyu Wei

Group finance director

Elegant gentleman, a modest, self-disciplined gentleman. Learn meditation, patience precipitation is his motto, he is a veteran of the company, the group started to witness the growth of the east course, also his achievements in the position of the group. He is good at dealing with the major banks, capital operation, financing of the master. He dedicated hard work, provides a strong the guarantee for the company's capital operation. His rigorous and efficient work style deeply influenced the fund management team, under his leadership, the fund management team management capital operation platform is huge, Everfount to fund a large quantity of liquid conveying blood in place, guarantee the benign operation of the company. The capital management field of young "gold the finger" (old gun son) - fresh from.

Zhong Jianzhong

Zhong Jianzhong

He is the group's most older, and most can eat bitter bitter. He rooted in the border village of Chongqing, the achievements of the development wholeheartedly for, really realistically do a magnificent dream. Under his leadership, his team in the construction equipment leasing industry break new ground. He used hard work won respect; he enterprise loyal service. He with integrity to open up the market; he used an iota to accumulate wealth. Persistent pipe dancer --- Zhong Jianzhong

Lin Weiqiang

Deputy general manager of equipment leasing company

Company young up and comer, and Hedong with healthy growth, he modestly, adhere to principles; he untouchables, outspoken, from the procurement manager to in charge of material cost control's deputy chief, he adhered to things, a road went black, you might think that a rib; he hate behavior directly said out; this is the upright character should be proud. His mettle, rising in the achievement of his career. He is ruthless black Bao - Lin Weiqiang

Huang Zhong

General manager of Iron Trade Company

Vigorous and resolute is his character and adhere to faith is his style, honest and hardworking and thrifty is his habit, he "products like the breeze, matter if orchid" personality appeal, led by a bunch of beach goers uphold the principle of "forge steel like quality, achievement of iron and steel industry strong" business philosophy of vertical and horizontal steel sea, he at the helm of the steel trade Co., Ltd. the ship at high speed steel ship, he is be worthy of the name iron captain - Huang