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When it comes to doing it, do it best!

2016-06-26 作者:admin

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When it comes to doing it, do it best!

According to the instructions on the adjustment of management authority group Yu River 2016 word no. 06, Chengdu Chao Feng Lian steel trade Co., adjusted to Chongqing Chao Feng Lian under the jurisdiction of the two companies, joint management by Chongqing Chao Feng. After receipt of the notification corresponding to the leadership of the company to respond positively to adjust the group management strategy in May 5th. Chongqing Chao Feng company general manager Huang Zhong and chief financial officer Chen Xiaowei to drive to our company, the merger management two in-depth communication management framework of.5 12, the chief financial officer Chen Xiaowei led Chongqing Chao Feng Lian company purchasing process will be less, the Distribution Department of the Ministry of human resources administration, Chen Xiujing Dai Lijuan, a line of 4 people go again in Chengdu, our general manager Cai Bo under the support of our partners sincere sympathy and communication, and implement the personnel and post adjustment.

(communication, learn...)

 post personnel and adjusted, first of all is the mentality of staff need to pay close attention to and after this period of time of fluctuation and adhere to, until now our permanent staff are all stable, due to adjustment of the post, in order to successfully carry out and work, Cai total patient on my staff one by one to understand the job responsibilities and the specific content of the work.(a serious record and discuss with each other)

 in the steel trade environment is not too bad today, all of our brothers and sisters must all be duty bound!! people don't care how much, but need to work fine; do not care about the size, but need to be fine. Post adjustment after the part of people work more responsibility, but since it took over that no matter how tired, pretty one, diligently will do better! We also believe that the leadership of the new work assigned to us, not only in order to save costs and increase our work, it is a heavy trust and expectation! It is to give us a new platform for we go to play and experience! I b

Chengdu Chao Feng Lian steel trade Co., Ltd., Guo Rong 2016-5-31