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Visit the spring housing fair in 2016

2016-06-27 作者:admin

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Visit the spring housing fair in 2016
In April 14, 2016, once a year the spring housing fair, also held in Nan'an District Exhibition Center. In order to better understand the current situation of our real estate, commercial real estate department buddy sit still, all out actively visit the room rendezvous, understand the overall price dynamics, collecting market. The Housing Fair exhibitors many houses, residential, office buildings, apartment, hotel, second-hand housing mortgage, housing, shops and so on, different kinds of houses and everything. People participating is friction heel rub shoulders, to choose their own houses. This room to pay four a total turnover of 8791 sets of various types of housing, construction area of 728 thousand and 600 square meters, turnover 4 billion 837 million yuan. In 2015 year-on-year volume fell 22% in 2015 from the month before the spring fair, Autumn Fair rose 51%.

Average; average. As of Tuesday afternoon 17:00, the turnover of the housing, commercial housing turnover 3434 sets, construction area of 33.05 million square meters in high-rise commercial housing turnover 2879 sets, construction area of 25.47 million square meters, construction area of 6243 yuan / square meters of high-grade low density housing turnover of 140 sets, construction area of 2.71 million square meters, construction area of 9920 yuan / square meters, multi-storey Garden Villa transactions 295 sets, construction area of 3.69 million square meters, construction area of fold 8466 yuan / square meters; renovation of the housing transactions 120 sets, construction area of 1.18 million square meters, construction area of fold 9064 yuan / square meters. The secondary Housing turnover 2118 sets, construction area of 19.86 million square meters, clinch a deal amount 907 million yuan.