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Walking on the journey

2016-06-26 作者:admin

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Walking on the journey

Facing the Xiamen may Xu Xu breeze, Chao Feng Lian first column 17 partners to the field said journey away. Indeed, we have been "go" on the road, not for the destination, only for the scenery along the way.

Nan Putuo incense exuberant bless the earth, green Bodhi wish visitors or vice versa. We row mountain to go up the stairs, golden "Buddha" settled in the heart; homeopathy and the escalator, greeted by a green lotus pond, instantaneous heart pure static spirit.

Across the bridge Jimei, Jimei School Village glazed roofs, white walls and red roof Yao ran in front of. Proximity to Jimei, Mr. Tan Kah Kee no desire without beg spirit of patriotism shocked me, Mr. focus on education, caring and giving is so precious!

High speed racing took us to the Shanxiu water base - Wuyishan Dahongpao. Instead of saying Wuyishan mountain called mountain, as it is a block of stone, a mountain is a natural stone not split extraordinary as if done by the spirits, the southwest mountain winds, only the steep cliff straight. JIUQUXI as ribbon wrapped in Wuyi waist it makes me wonder., partly hidden and partly visible is its change unpredictably yellow muddy rain last night, Brooks, wake up in the morning but as smart young girl, became clear green. Although the raft unfortunately failed to feel the above nine waves, but the domestic only a 360 degree rotation stage, at the background of a large real drama -- Impression Wuyi tea culture essence, all dripping unfolds.

Japanese Embassy, Lin Yutang, Xu Pei former residence of equality, and large-scale Shuzhuang garden, Haoyue Park, and so on, really is although spadger is small all sided!

Along the marathon course feel Xiamen Huandao Road beautiful, blue sea, the beach, the coconut trees, battery car, visitors are plotted in a piece of beautiful picture scroll, and had CuO ammonium bustling market scene and the roundabout way leisurely pace a nor violation.

A road walk, the mood is relaxed and physical exercise, the partners together and encourage each other to take care of each other, perhaps this is the true meaning of travel! Hard feelings of humanities landscape along the way, Thanksgiving trip all meet, look forward to next year we flying again! Chongqing Chao Feng contact force administrative Department Chen Xiujing 2 0 16 years May 26