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A "western style" of the Dragon Boat Festival

2016-06-26 作者:admin

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A "western style" of the Dragon Boat Festival
Traditional Dragon Boat Festival, the company's holiday benefits this year, but it is full of "foreign flavor". The group's human administration of small partners, carefully prepared for the unique warmth of the gift --- the purchase of the foreign shopping card.
Recent Hedong we holding strong shares Yang Zhan purchase, purchase foreign exhibition has become a member of our Hedong family. Fertilizer does not flow fields to outsiders, holiday Yang Zhan purchase shopping card, rich gifts for that call you when the holidays and patronize the ocean exhibition purchase sales, can be said to kill two birds with one stone, a good way to the best of both worlds. Get the shopping card of colleagues and elated.

Xue always give everybody to support the administration department is working with buddy, and we posed for pictures.
The festival has a new idea, the Dragon Boat Festival is over! Dou Kang Wen / Wen Mao / figure in June 14, 2016