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Foreign shopping mall
Before go to IKEA, playing Oakleys, by the way to Yang Zhan store to buy a little Western stuff, eat, drink, fruit to buy a big bag. Never thought, this ocean exhibition purchase and I in the future will be more closely. Xue Zong, boldness, the acquisition of the ocean exhibition purchase, purchase foreign exhibition in the future is part of Hedong group, destined to each company's employees will than anyone else on Yang Zhan purchase are deeper feelings and more exchanges.
When it comes to doing it, do it best!
According to the indication on the adjustment of rights management group Yu River [] 2016 06, the Chengdu Chao Feng linked adjustment of iron and steel trade Co., Ltd. Chongqing Chao Feng Lian under the jurisdiction of the secondary companies, by Chongqing Chao Feng Lian Guan. After the notification is received by the leadership of the company to respond positively to the group management adjust strategy, on the 5th of May, the Chongqing Chao Feng Lian company general manager Huang Zhong and chief financial officer Xiao Wei Chen tirelessly driving to our, the merger of the two companies management in-depth communication to form the frame of the management.
Unified manner
Hedong group office as the headquarters of the group, reflects the image of the company, the property team as the company's service team, in the daily management plays an indispensable role, from the beginning to enter the door of that moment onwards, the property of team work bit by bit have influence in the presence of mood and experience a sense of.
A "western style" of the Dragon Boat Festival
Traditional Dragon Boat Festival, the company's holiday benefits this year, but it is full of "foreign flavor". The group's human administration of small partners, carefully prepared for the unique warmth of the gift --- the purchase of the foreign shopping card.
Walking on the journey
Facing the Xiamen may Xu Xu breeze, Chao Feng Lian first column 17 partners to the field said journey away. Indeed, we have been "go" on the road, not for the destination, only for the scenery along the way.
Visit the spring housing fair in 2016
April 14, 2016, annual spring real estate fair, and the South Bank of the district in the Convention and Exhibition Center was held. Small partners to better understand the current real estate situation, our commercial real estate department also sit not to live, full dispatched actively visits the room rendezvous, understanding of the overall housing developments, collect the market. The Housing Fair exhibitors, the number of houses, residential, office buildings, apartments, resort, second-hand housing, arrived a housing, shops, etc., a variety of housing everything. Exhibitors, stream of people is friction heel rub shoulders and enjoy for their houses.