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Suntech heavy: can people adhere to Germany first, but Germany is held; attention to, but is used. Emphasis on employee loyalty to the enterprise is the highest occupation ethics, through the Zhirenshanren further carry forward the spirit of employee ownership, so that employees regarded enterprises how to implement the concept of employment. Such as: 1 high standard staff the occupation and moral character accomplishment, especially emphasis on employee loyalty to the company. The 2 horse race instead of horses, the work performance as an important indicator of evaluation, compensation and promotion. 3 have only one, to be reused; not only virtuous, little or no; talent without virtue, should never be without virtue; the other 4, please. Employers do not suspect, the suspect not, full authorization and resource support. 5 with sincere emotion to retain people, attract people with brilliant career, with a difficult job training, training for effective learning, with a reasonable incentive system of company. Is willing with the social from all walks of life the hotshots Chester together, adhering to the "corporate responsibility" as its mission, for staff, for society, for mankind create greater value.